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Organic and safe, without harmful ingredients or chemicals.
Apply it like a normal daily shampoo soap to make your gray hair back into a young and vivid dark color again.
Effectively prevent hair loss, promote blood circulation in the scalp, stimulate hair follicle growth, fix the hair roots on the scalp within 2 weeks, while moisturizing and repairing damaged hair.
Eliminates dandruff and improves itchy scalp.
Moisturizes and repairs damaged hair.
The perfect choice for men's and women's hair cleansing soaps.

Product information:
Fragrance type: Shouwu
Shelf life: 3 years
Specifications: Normal specifications
Cosmetic efficacy: oil control
Product specifications: He Shouwu in English
Ingredients: Laurel
Function: black hair, hair care
Cosmetic features: Shampoo
Product Name: Shouwu Ginseng Essence Shampoo Soap

Shampoo sticks are a treatment method. The effect will be obvious if you insist on washing for about 2 courses.
Dosage and dosage are determined according to your own hair volume.

Package Content:


Nourishing Hair Root Shampoo Essential Oil Soap Black Smoothing Plant Shampoo

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